Why Señor Rio is Arizona’s Favorite Tequila

“There’s no place like home,” we hear this statement all the time. Indeed, there is something to be said for that familiar feeling, that certain comfort associated with being home. For some people, it includes their house itself, for others it means surrounding themselves with the people they love most. For this small but growing tequila company Señor Rio, Arizona is quickly beginning to feel like home.

From humble beginnings…

Arizona has seen a lot of newcomers over the last few years. Many people from across the country are leaving their old lives behind to start new in Arizona, and Señor Rio has a similar backstory. Originally, Debbie and Jonathan Gach, the founders of Señor Rio Tequila were from Chicago and upstate New York respectively, but they couldn’t say no to the warm weather and beautiful vistas that come with living in Arizona. After a fortuitous meeting and falling in love, they decided to leave their jobs in real estate and accounting to start a tequila based on Debbie’s family recipe, a recipe that has spanned generations. Since its inception in 2009, Señor Rio has expanded via its partnership with Total Wine & More, and is now sold across 23 states.    

Match made in heaven!

Although Señor Rio Tequila is distilled, aged, and bottled in Jalisco Mexico, the company is currently run out of Gilbert, just outside Phoenix. As mentioned earlier, while Señor Rio is available in 23 states, Arizona makes up for 20% of all sales, far outpacing any other state where it is sold. The love affair with Arizona goes far beyond pure sales numbers however, as Debbie and Señor Rio have become involved in charitable works across the state as well. Just last December, Debbie Gach raised enough money from recent sales to donate over 45,000 meals across the Phoenix area, in partnership with St. Mary’s food bank. In fact, Debbie was recently featured in the Phoenix Business Journal, which declared Señor Rio has “heart and soul.”

The Future looks bright

Considering Señor Rio Tequila has only been around for 13 years, it’s easy to see why the future for this company and its relationship with the state of Arizona looks bright. With Arizonans purchasing over 6,000 bottles of Señor Rio Tequila, the state of Arizona is quickly warming up to this award winning spirit and its multiple expressions of tequila. To keep up with the latest news regarding Señor Rio tequila, Debbie Gach invites anyone interested to sign up for the newsletter here, or visit the company website directly at www.senorrio.com.  

Tequila, like life, is getting better with age!

Debbie Medina Gach, co-founder and CEO of Señor Rio Tequila, announced over the Labor Day Weekend that she is beginning a new campaign to reach new demographics with her award winning tequilas, most notably, the baby boomer generation.  “We’ve just always had such a wonderful product that is celebrated across national boundaries, state boundaries, we figured it was time to reach across the generational boundary as well!” said Debbie as she explained the new idea behind her initiative.

A refined taste, for a refined generation!

Citing that tequila has been a very popular drink among the younger generation of spirits drinkers, Debbie noticed that many people in the 50+ age group consistently flocked to darker spirits like bourbon and scotch, without gaining a full appreciation for the flexible nature of tequila, and especially, her tequila Señor Rio! “Tequila definitely has the reputation as a party drink, and while that’s ok, we also want to get the word out that Tequila is very much a spirit for the refined drinker who likes to have a nice glass of something neat by the fire” Medina Gach added. Don’t let the pleasant facade fool you however, as Debbie went on to say “while we appreciate a nice sipping drink, we still know how to throw down a few shots when we get down to business!”

Making something truly unique

While promoting enthusiasm for the Tequila spirit as a whole, Debbie also very much wanted to take time to tout the award winning tequila that she has been selling successfully for over a decade. “While we truly appreciate our peers in the tequila industry, we also feel our product has some very unique properties, from our 8–12 year agave aging process, the extra time in our clay ovens, or the cognac barrels we import from France to make our award winning reposado and anejo, we think we have an excellent product that stacks up among the best, and our loyal customers seem to think so too!”

Breaking Barriers in the Spirits World

When asked about what it was like being a co-founder and current CEO of a successful Tequila brand, Debbie added “being a CEO and boss of a successful company is one thing, doing it as an independent woman in a very male dominated industry has been something else entirely.” Debbie also went on to say “but when you’re surrounded by great people and you’ve got a great team, it really does make all the difference!”

How to get your hands on some!

Currently Señor Rio tequila is available only at Total Wine & More stores. “We’re very happy with our spirits direct partnership with Total Wine” Debbie said. “As we continue to grow as a company, we look forward to our partnership growing as well.”

As mentioned above, Señor Rio tequila is currently only available at Total Wine & More stores across 22 states, however as the tequila boom continues to grow across the United States and the world, don’t be surprised if you see more Señor Rio bottles popping up in your friends and family’s glasses and cocktails, for as one of Debbie’s favorite saying goes “sharing tequila is sharing life!”

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The Rise of Ultra Premium Tequilas

At some point in your life, you’ve probably heard the phrase “well look at you, all grown up!” or “you’ve come a long way” from a friend or relative. There’s no shame in it either, we all love to see people and things we care about grow and mature. Well, there’s no reason the same can’t be said for our favorite drink, tequila. Similarly to your younger days, we’re willing to guess the first drink of tequila you had wasn’t from the top shelf. On the contrary, due to its reputation as a party drink, most people’s first experience with tequila is usually in the form of a shot from the well at a bar, or the cheapest bottle you and your buddies could grab in college or once you started out. And, that’s ok too, but we’re here to tell you now that Tequila has come a long way, and is quite the sophisticant these days! As Tequila’s popularity has risen, so has the demand for superior quality, and thus the rise of the Ultra Premium Tequilas has begun.

Who gets to call themselves Ultra?

Alas, it is not enough for a tequila maker to simply call himself an ultra premium, there are in fact rules and regulations that govern this practice. For starters, to be considered an ultra premium, the price point for a bottle must be $50 or above. Now, in theory anyone could sell their bottle for that price and simply call themselves ultra premium, but if the product isn’t worthy of that price point, you’ll know it fairly quickly. Looks can also be somewhat deceiving, as some of the packaging out there truly is unique, and we think that’s one of the great aspects of tequilas. While some bottles and their presentation really are great, when picking an ultra premium, there are some characteristics you should always consider. Always look for these traits when selecting an ultra premium: 100% blue weber agave, longer aged agaves, single estate, and slow roasting of the pinas. Many people don’t realize it, but much of the agave pinas used to make tequila are steamed. Roasting on the other hand is a more labor intensive process, so it impacts cost, but it more than makes up for when it comes to taste! 

Who exactly are the big dogs of Ultra Premium?

A lot of the names on this list are going to look familiar. According to recent statistics published by IMPACT DATABANK, Patron, followed by Don Julio and Casamigos are the top three sellers of ultra premium tequila by volume. Given that Casamigos, the brand many know as associated with George Clooney, was launched merely 8 years ago in 2013, it is safe to say the rise of Ultra Premium tequilas has been both swift and steady. As if that tidbit weren’t enough, Casamigos recently sold for $700 million to Diago North America, a company which owns other well known spirits such as Johnny Walker, Captain Morgan, and Smirnoff just to name a few. As a result, it is easy to say if you’re competing among these guys, you’re running with the big dogs! 

How to get your hands on the good stuff!

So now that you’re well versed in the methods of determining what constitutes an ultra premium tequila, the fun of tasting all these tequilas can begin, and the part of determining your favorite will ultimately fall down to you and your preferences. Many aged tequilas spend their maturation days in the barrels of bourbon. As bourbon barrels are cheap and easy to find, this makes them inexpensive, and as a result many ultra premium tequilas end up sharing similar tastes as a result. However, there are a select few tequilas that have begun to use sherry and cognac barrels, and the tequila lovers of the world have begun to take note!

If this all sounds familiar….

It’s because we have a confession to make! As noted above, the single estate agaves, the extra long maturation process, the roasting of the pinas, and the cognac barrels, if all these traits remind you of someone, don’t be surprised, because that’s the Senor Rio process! Now, obviously we are not the only ultra premium tequila on the market today, but we do stand our process and our tequila up against the best! 

As the old saying goes

If you want to talk the talk, you better walk the walk! While we are obviously very proud of the tequila we produce, we do delight in seeing other tequila makers follow their passion and produce tasty expressions of their own. Now that you’re armed with the sufficient knowledge to get out there and examine tequila with a more discerning eye, feel free to put our Senor Rio up against some of the others out there, we have a feeling you won’t be disappointed! 

What is National Tequila Day??

I mean, is that a serious question?? Ok ok, all kidding aside, yes there is a national tequila day, it’s this July 24, 2021! Other than the fact it is *the* day to celebrate our favorite spirit, here’s another fun little fact: this is the inaugural year of national tequila day as well! So, not only do you get to have some serious fun this July 24, but you get to be the first in on the act. Think about it, from henceforth you will forever be able to tell your friends “I was one of the first to celebrate national tequila day!” And if that doesn’t impress them, well, do you really want to call them friends?? Once again kidding, but you can tell that we here at Señor Rio are really excited for this year’s national tequila day!

How should I celebrate it?

Any way you want! While we at Señor Rio have a variety of award winning expressions of tequila, we have a little saying, “once you buy it we can’t tell you what to do with it!” Naturally we can make recommendations, but for example if you want to use our distinguished reposado to make a ripping margarita, who are we to say no? While we also recommend that our blanco be used for mixing drinks, since it is what we consider the purest form of tequila, if you’d like to sit back and sip on it on what is sure to be a hot day, we say go for it! If you fancy yourself a sophisticated anejo on the rocks as the sun goes down on another hot July day, well, you are in for a fine evening! 

Of course I’m going to drink it, but what else is there?

The story of tequila really is a long and interesting tale going back centuries, if not millennia! Now, we know everyone loves to indulge themselves in Mexican culture and cuisine on Cinco de Mayo, but why not sit back with your favorite tequila beverage in hand and study up on this amazing little spirit? From the unique properties of blue weber agaves and their miracle molecule agavins, or the rich history of how tequila started with the indigenous peoples of Mexico, to the influence of the Spanish, all the way up to present day Mexican traditions of crafting tequila, there is so much to explore!

Ok, you sold me. So how do I get ready?

This is another fun part. Like we were saying earlier, if you want to impress your friends and well wishers with your knowledge and participation on national tequila day, what better way to start by exhibiting your knowledge of fine tequilas! Get acquainted with all of the Señor Rio expressions, and really take the time to examine the flavorful notes that make each unique. Can you detect the subtle hints of citrus and spice in the blanco? Do you detect the layered honey and spice within the reposado? Or is it the roasted agave blended with the fig and oak of the anejo that really keeps you coming back for more. Remember, nothing says celebrate tequila like being able to enjoy all the expressions in their own flavorful way! Salud!

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Agavins, the Miracle Molecule Found in Tequila!

We’ve all seen them, advertisements across all media platforms pushing some new “breakthrough” product. Usually the people behind the ad promise that their product will help you lose weight, look better, cure an ailment, whatever the current craze may be. Well, we’ve got some good news, this isn’t one of those ads. However, we do have some fascinating information about a molecule named agavin, which is produced from agaves as they are harvested to make tequila!  While it may not be some kind of scientific discovery to improve your physique, it might just help you make a better decision the next time you want to have a drink!

Not to get all technical, but….

To get you up to speed, agavin is a member of the fructan group, a sugar molecule. Fructans occur naturally in all sorts of foods and vegetables, even wheat and barley, so what exactly makes agavin so special? Like the production of all alcoholic beverages, it starts with sugars and how they’re fermented to make alcohol. After the agave fibers are pulled apart and used in the fermentation process to make tequila, agavin is one of the fructans produced which will in turn become the alcohol in tequila. What distinguishes fructan from simple sugars such as fructose, is that the molecules form longer chains links (think complex carb vs simple carb), chains which in turn make it a non-digestible dietary fiber. The end result is a molecule that has multiple beneficial properties, one that is high in fiber that won’t raise blood sugar levels but still retains a sweet flavor.

So what does all this mean for you?

Plenty! In a study involving mice that were fed agavins with their water, the mice eventually ate less and had lower blood sugar, that’s good news for all the diabetics out there! Also, like everyone in this world, you’ve probably tried a diet or two in your day (Keto over here), and because the agavin is a naturally occurring fiber, the net result of every shot of tequila is only 69 calories and zero grams of carbohydrates. So for all you low carb dieters out there, Tequila is your next best workout partner. Still not convinced? Well, you’ll be happy to know that agavin is also a probiotic, so yes, a little tequila here and there can help keep the natural balance of bacteria in your digestive system. Now, that being said, it’s important to remember that all of these benefits come in moderation! So, like all of the other good things in life, remember to take your time, and truly enjoy your tequila in modest amounts!

The more you know!

Like we said earlier, we’re not going to guarantee these bits of information will help achieve new heights of athletic performance, or help you look better, although tequila has been known to have that effect on people! Rather, we share this with you, apart from our love of tequila of course, so that the next time you head out and are bombarded with ads showing the next healthy drink (organic seltzer, what?), you’ll feel confident knowing those little agavins are working in your favor!

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Tequila is not political!

So while it may not be election season anymore (thank goodness), it still seems like so many things are politically charged these days. Not just relegated to the ballot box either, so much of our daily lives have become consumed with activities or choices that can now be deemed politically charged. Whether it’s the choice to wear a mask, travel via airlines, or even what products to support, everything seems to carry a message or added weight these days. Luckily, there’s still plenty of things we can all hopefully still agree on! Quality time spent with our loved ones, our favorite sports teams getting back on the field, and yes a quality drink to accompany all that and more as we navigate 2021 and beyond. At Señor Rio, we’re more than happy to help engage in that sort of activity, so take a seat, put down your knives, pick up your glasses, and let’s all say “Salud” together!

Can’t we all just get along??

The answer is yes, of course we can! You’ve probably heard us say this once or twice, after all, the message is in fact inside every one of our bottles, but sharing tequila is sharing life! So much of our lives these days seem to be compartmentalized into me vs you, my side vs your side, and so forth. Well, erasing those boundaries with a quality tequila is a great way to ease the conversation back into “us” territory. In fact, what greater way to change the subject from a hot button issue into which tequila is your favorite? Now, we’re not gonna lie, the correct answer should be Señor Rio, but even if it’s not, we can’t help but celebrate the fact you’re still celebrating with the amazing spirit we know as tequila. Having said that, the more tequila you drink, the more we think you’ll come to appreciate the award winning tequila that is Señor Rio ;). 

Take a step back, and a seat, and enjoy!

Like we were saying earlier, thank goodness it’s no longer an election year. Sometimes after a heated debate, it may feel like there’s nothing left to discuss with the other person. Luckily, when it comes to tequila, there isn’t just one side, but many sides! Take a moment to remember like positions in life, there are also multiple varieties and expressions of Tequila, and no matter which is your favorite, you’re not wrong! Taste in tequila, like so many other things in life, depends on the palette of the consumer. Perhaps you like a crisp and cool blanco, sipped neatly or in your favorite mixed drink. Maybe you’re in the mood for a little bit of warmth with a smooth and velvety finish, so you go for the reposado. Or, if you’re one of the lucky ones to still be enjoying jacket weather, a sophisticated Anejo is what you’re about to have. Just remember, no matter which expression, if you’ve chosen Señor Rio, you’ve voted wisely, so enjoy your election of superb tequila!

Cooler heads, and glasses prevail!

So as the picture above has probably illustrated by now, Señor Rio did just take a slight tour of our nation’s Capital, and it was a great time had by all! No yelling, no screaming, just beautiful skies, warm weather, and the message of peace through tequila was spread. As we’ve said so often before, the best we have to offer is a glass of award winning tequila, a friendly smile, and a salud to all our fans! So as always, remember that no matter what you believe, we believe you deserve the best tequila around, Salud!

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Oscar Night and Tequila!

It’s the biggest night for the biggest stars, the Oscars! For those who know the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, and bedazzle us on screen with their dramas or high octane action films, the Oscars represents the culmination of a year’s work done in front of the cameras. For some lucky few it will be the biggest moment of their careers, recognized for their contribution to their trade craft of stage and screen. Well, here at Señor Rio, we’re no strangers to the limelight ourselves! In fact, every expression of Señor Rio tequila was recognized with Double Gold, Gold Silver and Innovation awards at the internationally recognized SIP competition in 2020. In a sense, you could say we’ve swept the Oscars of ultra premium tequilas! After all, this prestigious competition is the only spirits competition where consumers are the judges.

I’m ready for my close up!

Like many of the stars of stage and screen, we’d be lying if we didn’t think we were attractive in other people’s eyes. Sure, what’s inside the bottle is what’s most important, but let’s not kid ourselves, presentation is something that makes our tequila. Seriously, next time you’re at the liquor store, you’ll notice most vodka, whiskey, and bourbon bottles, they all kind of look the same! Now take a stroll down the tequila aisle, it has personality, flash, and as they say in Hollywood, pizazz! Well, at Señor Rio we made sure we had a bottle as debonair as the tequila within, and we think it shows. In fact, many of our Senor Rio tequila fans have told us they use our bottles long after the tequila is gone, as vases, decanters, or infusing herbs in olive oil. Going green was what we had in mind with the unique bottle design for repurposing. It has been called the Academy Awards of tequila. 

Go ahead, make my day….

We do our best Dirty Harry! While we remember those words from one of Hollywood’s most iconic moments featuring Clint Eastwood, they’re also something we try to do everyday at Señor Rio. There are literally hundreds of different tequilas to choose from nowadays, so we want to make sure your evening, your event, your experience is truly memorable with a special tequila you’re going to come back to time and time again. So while we are happy to remind you that our expressions of tequilas are award winning, for our fans, old and new alike that they’ve made an excellent choice, and are in good company! After all, when you’re drinking Señor Rio, you’re drinking with the best! 

I’ll be back!

We certainly hope so! As a small batch, artisanal tequila, we may not be able to compete with the biggest names in the industry in terms of volume, but we definitely aim to in terms of taste and quality. As a result, while we like to grow organically, one bottle at a time we know we wouldn’t be where we are today without our loyal fans. Salud to all you repeat terminators of our tasty tequila, we say gracias, and enjoy your evening with the stars!

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Why Single Estate Tequila is Better for the Environment

You’ve probably heard these phrases before, “caring for the environment is everyone’s job,” “give a hoot, don’t pollute,” and “don’t mess with Texas.” These are just some of the catchy phrases we’re sure you’ve heard before that have to do with respecting the environment and leaving as little impact on nature as possible. Well, not only do we totally agree, but we practice this ourselves in the way we make our tequila! While we proudly tell our customers we are a single estate Tequila, a lot of time that goes unnoticed. Therefore, we’re going to tell you about how the manner in which we raise our agaves for tequila doesn’t just make an ultra premium tequila, it’s also better for the environment!  

Ok, lay it on us then!

To put it simply, single estate tequila means the agaves used to create our tequila are grown entirely from one farm in Jalisco Mexico, we do not buy any the agaves from any larger industrialized farms. Not only do we have complete oversight of our agave crop, we also age our agaves longer than the Mexican government requires when making tequila. According to the Mexican governments’ regulations concerning tequila production, an agave plant must mature at least 6 years before it is harvested.  At Señor Rio, we age our agaves 8 to 12 years. Apart from the fact this allows for better sugar content in the plant for a smoother taste, it also means less disruption of the soil, which is better for the land we farm. By harvesting fewer crops than other large scale agave farms, it means less air pollution needed from the machines used to transport the harvested agaves as well.  

Natural growth, inside and out.

Our plan at Señor Rio is to grow organically, both literally and figuratively speaking!  You won’t see us in any high production value TV spots or in any pop ups on your favorite websites (trust us, we hate those as much as you). Rather, we like to grow one customer at a time, by having an honest conversation about what separates us from some of our competitors. That’s our version of organic growth as a company. When it comes to the agaves we grow and harvest, it’s also all about natural growth. Not only are we 100% pure agave tequila, we’re also 100% naturally grown in the lowlands of Jalisco. You will never find any artificial additives like dyes or added sugars to alter the taste, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you purchase Señor Rio tequila. Even our handsome bottles are meant to be repurposed after you’ve finished, which of course means less waste going back into nature!

Choose wisely friends!

We know you have a lot of choices out there when it comes to tequila. As tequila lovers ourselves, there’s a lot of good stuff out there! However, if you can choose an ultra premium tequila and will make less of an impact on the planet in the long term, what’s not to love?? Apart from the tequila itself, you get that beautiful bottle that just screams “put me back to use!” So the next time you’re out shopping for tequila, do something good for yourself, and the environment, and say “Salud!” with Señor Rio!

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Never underestimate the influence of Tequila

If you’ve ever heard the phrase of someone being “under the influence,” you probably assumed the worst and considered them impaired to some degree, and possibly having a rendezvous with law enforcement. That’s ok, we’re not here to judge in any way shape or form! Undoubtedly, if you enjoy fine spirits as much as we do, you’ve probably over indulged at some point or another. That said, there’s a difference between being under the influence, and frankly the influence of tequila! As one of North America’s oldest spirits still consumed, Tequila has had an amazing influence across generations of not only people, but countries as well. Here, we look at some of the amazing ways Tequila has influenced people and places throughout its history.

Pyramids, accurate calendars, and Tequila?

Not quite, but there is ample evidence the Aztecs’ predecessors, the Olmecs and other indigenous tribes of present day Central America had been fermenting agave plants as far back as 1000 BC. Made from agaves like tequila today, the Olmecs apparently used the sap from the Agave leaves to ferment a drink called “pulque.”  This process we know continued into the early 1500’s, as one of the first Spanish conquistadors to set foot in present day Mexico wrote to King Carlos the V, speaking of the native Aztecs and their agaves, he wrote “…from these plants they make wine and sugar, which they also sell.” As the Conquistadors eventually ran out of brandy, their favorite beverage of the time, they saw the versatility behind the agave and began to use it to ferment their own drinks, leading to the birth of tequila a few centuries later. As a result, the cultivation of the agave plant, and its resulting product pulque and later tequila had a profound impact on multiple civilizations throughout the ages!

We’re number 1!

No, we’re not talking about the Olympic games, although we plan on winning those this year too! The USA is not only the top destination for tequila in the world by far, but we also drink the most of it, even beating out the country of origin Mexico! Recent studies have shown that of the 230 million liters of tequila produced each year, the US consumes almost half, or 110 million liters each year. So, while tequila may be the national drink of Mexico, the USA can claim the top spot of Tequila lovers worldwide.  

Past and Present…

That is why we could come up with “Never underestimate the influence of tequila”. Everyone has their reason to make themselves their favorite tequila drinks; whether it’s a celebratory cheers, a way to unwind after a tough day at the office, or sitting with a loved one cozied up by the fire, we all have our reasons to appreciate a good tequila drink. Therefore the next time you raise a glass, remember that tequila may have humble beginnings, but it’s influence has been felt far beyond the glass. So, from all of us at Señor Rio tequila to you, Salud! 

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Real Women Drink, and Now Make Their Own Tequila!

We make no bones about the fact that tequila is our favorite drink. Lets face it, we make it, we drink it, we enjoy it, and we love it when you take home a bottle of Señor Rio tequila! We also haven’t been shy about telling you how popular tequila has gotten lately. While we are certainly proud of the fact tequila is one of the fastest growing spirits in America, there’s something else we’re quite enthusiastic about. Behind this quiet revolution in the spirits industry, women are leading the charge, and as a women owned and operated business, we couldn’t be more proud to be part of this revolution!

Female Entrepreneurs are changing the game!

One of the unique traditions about tequila is that so many of the recipes are handcrafted, and passed down from generation to generation. In a recent New York Times article, Melly Barajas Cardenas recounted the story of changing her career from a clothing designer in Guadalajara to making tequila. While she admits she knew nothing about the drink, she got to work, and immediately fell in love with the process. Now, she is one of only a handful of women owned tequilas, named Raza Azteca based out of Jalisco, Mexico. There’s also another name you’ve probably heard by now getting into the tequila business, and that is Kendall Jenner. Being a part of a famous  family notwithstanding, Jenner has thrown her hat in the ring with a host of other celebrity endorsements in the tequila industry. Dubbed 818 Tequila, Kendall Jenner claims to have spent years trying to perfect the perfect tasting tequila for the trendy youth circles that she frequently occupies. Whether her tequila will be a success remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, with the Kardashian and Jenner family getting into the tequila business, you know it is becoming mainstream in popular culture today!

Inspiration is only the first step

Debbie Medina Gach, Co-founder and CEO of the award winning Señor Rio tequila can definitely relate, as she shares the story of how she was inspired to change careers from being a Real Estate broker to tequila owner and chase her dreams.

She and her late husband Jonathan Gach left their careers and put their hearts, soul and cash into starting their tequila company producing the brand named Señor Rio. The idea came after they visited her dad, known as Señor Rio in Mexico. They were reunited after three decades. It was an emotional reunion and to break the ice, Señor Rio offered them his moonshine tequila. That was 2006, The Gachs made up her mind to bring her father’s process to market a three-generation-old family recipe. Señor Rio tequila is a tribute to Debbie’s dad and debuted in 2009. The couple worked continuously hand selling one bottle at a time self-distributing in the Arizona desert earning the name of “Love in a bottle”

“We knew immediately we had something special” says Debbie. Aside from the fact Debbie is committed to making a quality product, her passion for family and togetherness is also a big aspect of why she loves making tequila. “When you look inside the bottle, behind the front label it reads, ‘Sharing tequila,’ and behind the back label it reads, ‘is sharing life,’’ Debbie says. “That’s because we believe this is a tequila that should not be hurried. You want to sip it with those that you care about, your family, your close friends and create your memories — share your life story. It is a tequila to bring people together, especially generations.”

Recently, Debbie was interviewed by the Phoenix Business Journal and shared how her company is all about family.

Breaking barriers, and expectations

Currently, according to Mexico’s Tequila Regulatory Council, there are 152 tequila producers, and only 12 of these are women owned. Facts like these don’t deter the tequila producing women of the world however, in fact you could say it’s a source of inspiration. “It’s a man’s world. When I started, people told me: ‘A woman in this industry? You will not make it.’ I grew off of those comments” Cardenas stated in her NYT interview. Debbie also had similar feelings when asked about being in a male dominated industry. “I never let it bother me “ she said, adding “when you know you’ve got a quality product, everything else is just details!” 

Support these pioneers by treating yourself!

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